Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today we had a tour of the capitol building and had a great guide who also got us into the House of Representatives to see! We went to the Native American Smithsonian and then saw the National Cathedral. The kids then got to go souvenir shopping and then we had a photo op at the White House! Baltimore played the Detroit Tigers tonight at Camden Yards and won! Now everyone is bed ready for a long day tomorrow as we make our way to Williamsburg... where I won't have internet connection so this is probably the last post until after I get home, when I will add more photos!


Anonymous said...

WOW you guys go to soo many places
you must be really really tired.

Anonymous said...

Richard and Meghann,

May the geocaching force be with you today. Take Care. See you soon.
Liz Mayer

Anonymous said...

We are all enjoying your pictures and posts. We are following you on the map, too. The Life Skills class is anxiously awaiting your return Ms. Kabza, Duc, Ms. Stacey, Mr. Young, Mr. Hartinger and RWH 8th graders.

Anonymous said...

HELLO 8TH GRADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is time for you to come back ,but it is not so noise in school anymore but still.

-6TH GRADER Ida Woldemariam